Spotlights on EgRC

Spotlights on Egyptian Resuscitation Council (EgRC)


The Egyptian Resuscitation Council (EgRC) is a multidisciplinary, not-for-profit organization founded in April 2001. The EgRC has signed an affiliation agreement with ERC in August, 2002.


In Egypt, as in many other countries, it is recognized that graduation from a health professional school -even a school of Medicine- does not necessarily guarantee proficiency in performing Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS).


In the early nineties, a working group "Emergency Medical Consultants, EMC" was founded by professors and medical consultants from Alexandria, Zagazig university, Cairo and Suez canal university. The EMC disseminated informal CPR, ACLS training courses following AHA guidelines. They have organized 2 Advanced trauma life support courses following the American College of Surgeons ASC guidelines.

In June 2000, during the 5th scientific Congress of ERC in Antwerp, Belgium, the founding president of the Egyptian Resuscitation Council EgRC, made a very productive contact with Professor Pierre Carli, ERC president, prof Leo Bossaert, Dr Douglas Chamberlain, Dr. Peter Baskett and other members of the ERC executive Committee who promised to provide every possible help to start formal resuscitation training in Egypt

In April 2001 The Egyptian Resuscitation Council was officially announced and the communications with ERC resulted in an agreement to organize two ALS Provider Courses and one Instructor Course in Egypt.

In September 2nd, a distinguished team of instructors from ERC representing five European nationalities leaded by Peter Baskett.


1. The EgRC members are about 300 active members, 10 associate members and 12 honorary members.
        - Members are professors, consultants, specialists, and junior doctors from all over Egypt.
      - They belong to many medical specialties: Emergency medicine 
Anaesthesia, Intensive care, cardiology, Paediatrics and internal medicine.

2. The mission of EgRC is to save human lives and improve the quality of

     survival by improving the standards of resuscitation, Paediatric Life Support

     and Trauma Life Support in Egypt

3. The objectives of EgRC are almost the same as those of ERC.
      a. To produce guidelines applicable to Egypt for practice of:
         - Basic & Advanced Life Support
         - Paediatric Life Support
         - Basic & Advanced Trauma Life Support
      b. To design teaching program suitable for all trainees ranging from the lay

           public to the qualified physician
      c. To conduct a critical review of CPR, paediatric life support & trauma care

          practice & to advise on updating guidelines
      d. To promote & encourage appropriate research
      e. To promote audit of resuscitation practice
      f. To organize relevant scientific meetings in Egypt
      g. To promote public and government awareness of resuscitation

           requirements and practice.

4. The ethos of EgRC are the same as the ERC

5. The first ERC courses (2 provider & one GIC) held in Assiut, Egypt in

    September 2001 generated 18 Egyptian Instructors

6. The EgRC official journal is the Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia (EgJA)

7. The EgRC website is: