On this site you will find the latest guidelines on Resuscitation, as well as a full overview of the ERC educational tools such as manuals, posters and slides. Find information on our courses (basic life support and automated external defibrillation, advanced life support, pediatric life support). Register and interact with the resuscitation community through our objective

To disseminate and organize training courses in the field of Resuscitation, trauma, emergency and disaster medicine. 
To promote public and government awareness of requirements and practices in the above fields. 
To help healthcare organization to standardize and update Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Departments and Critical Care units 
To promote & encourage appropriate research 
To organize relevant scientific meetings in Egypt 
To conduct a critical review of CPR, pediatric life support & trauma care practice & to advise on updating guidelines 
To design teaching program suitable for all trainees ranging from the lay public to the qualified physician. 
To promote audit of resuscitation practice