About (EgRC)


  • The Egyptian Resuscitation Council (EgRC) is a Non Government, not-for-profit   multidisciplinary   scientific organization.

  • EgRC was registered with ministry of social affairs on 13 April, 2001.

  • EgRC  members represent healthcare professionals for all healthcare organizations in Egypt.

  • The members are Physicians from different specialties, nurses and EMT’s.

  • EgRC organize internationally recognized courses in the fields of 

    resuscitation, trauma.              
  • Emergency and disaster medicine.

  • EgRC is affiliated to many local and international organizations


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Address : 10 Mohamed Saleh Abo Yousef Saba Basha Alexandria

Mobile : +201222406481

Office & Fax : +2035826956

Email : egyptian.rc@gmail.com  


Web : www.egrc.org.eg